An amazing opportunity for the well endowed!

August 16, 2009

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2009-2010 Benefactor Application

Name: _______________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________
Telephone: ____________________________________________________
Cellular: ______________________________________________________
Email: _______________________________________________________

1. Do you possess a sizeable amount of income?*  (circle one)    YES   NO

2. Have you recently gained a sense of your own mortality and realized the importance of writing a will in the near future? (circle one)     YES   NO

3. Do you have a country home on a lake/a cliff overlooking the sea/in a remote corner of the Rhodope mountains?            YES   NO

4. If you were to provide financial gifts to a talented young artist, would you also take her to places like the opera or on a cheese-tasting tour?        YES    NO

5. Do you ever wear a top hat or white gloves? (please specify) _________________________________________________________________________

6. On a scale of 1-10, rate your physical and intellectual attractiveness: _________________________________________________________________________

7. In 50 words or less, give your own definition of “no strings attached”:




8. What is an ideal benefactor/benefactee relationship to you?



* note: One whose income is not deemed as sizeable may still be considered. Other factors, such as international mystique or willingness to support a young artist’s career, may be noted as relevant.benefactorapplication


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