What now, a bike ticket!?

August 11, 2009

I got free tickets to go see Ponyo last night – it was quite good (thanks Tiff!).  When I got out of the Scotia (at Richmond and John) I found a ticket attached to my handlebars.  I looked around to see if there were tickets on any other bikes, but I didn’t see any.  Here it is:

bike ticket

What can I say – I love it!  Thank you, whoever you are!

Look, I’m on torontoist:  Bicycle Ticketed for Excessive Awesomeness


4 Responses to “What now, a bike ticket!?”

  1. Kev said

    Leanne that is awesome. I got the link from IBikeT.O. and popped over for more pics on the Toronotoist. I have to concur. Baddass. and Unique.

    I may have to make some of these up myself. In the words of the “ticketer” NICE!

  2. Andreas said

    Absolutely loving this and plan on reposting it over on London Cyclist aswell

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