#5 Peep Show at O’Born Contemporary

February 3, 2009


Mark your calendars, February 14th 1 – 4pm is the opening, complete with chocolates and champagne to make your V-day extra special . . .

The fifth exhibition at O’Born Contemporary draws on the voyeuristic aspects of peepshow. Work from artists Finn O’Hara, Leanne Eisen, Camilla Holmgren, and a selection of mid-century vernacular nudes by several anonymous photographers make up the show.
Finn O’Hara’s images were created during the final hours of the once notorious Hillcrest Motel. Leanne Eisen has built and documented the interior of a dollhouse made for adult pleasures. Camilla Holmgren‘s autoportraits delight and intrigue the intrepid viewer.
The vernacular photographs are from the 1950s and 1960s, and showcase vintage nude photography.
Join us on Valentine’s Day for an infusion of chocolate and the opportunity to linger over these beautiful works.

The exhibition opening will be hung on January 27th during the day, and will run until March 13th.

Check out O’Born Contemporary‘s website for the complete exhibition statement.

Leanne Eisen, Untitled from the series Play, 2006, 20×25 C-Print, 1/10

5leanne_eisen2Leanne Eisen, Untitled from the series Play, 2006, 20×25 C-Print, 1/10


One Response to “#5 Peep Show at O’Born Contemporary”

  1. Ben said

    I’ll be there.

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