You are Beautiful

November 13, 2008

Right now I’m writing a paper about Morris Weitz’s Role of Theory in Aesthetics. I find the internets availability at home terribly detrimental to my focus. Naturally the answer lies at the coffee shop next door (in my case, The Common, which I love). They do have wifi, but I can chose not to bring my laptop. I find it much easier to write essays with a pen anyway.
Given my current financial situation, I had to scrounge the dime jar to come up with the money (yep, I’m down to dimes now) but I managed to treat myself to a lovely dark roast and a piece of banana bread.  I sat, I read and I got down to business. When it was time to leave and I walked out the door, I noticed a small white piece of paper at my feet with the words “You are Beautiful” written on both sides.

What a lovely anonymous gesture regardless of it’s intended recipient. I picked it up and brought it home when I realized that it could have perhaps been intended for someone specific. I scurried downstairs and placed it back where I found it.


Gestures like these are invaluable amidst what can be an isolating and alienating urban atmosphere, and it seems somewhat fitting that it would take place at the aptly named, The Common. Coincidentally, it seems like there are always attractive people in there. Maybe one of them will find the note I left behind.


3 Responses to “You are Beautiful”

  1. artcorpse said

    I love those types of gestures too. I used to use the freepost/freemail envelopes that came with the junk-mail to post messages, poems and quotes to the people who worked in the mail-rooms of these companies. I know that something different to break up the monotony can really brighten up someone’s day 🙂

  2. Leanne said

    Wow. You’re a good person. It had not dawned on me to send nice things back to the junk mail companies. The last one I sent back was full of expletives – CAA tried to recruit me, so I berated them for lobbying in favour of the automobile 🙂

  3. Larissa said

    perhaps it was ment for you… for anyone, for those who had the pleasure of intersecting it.

    what a wonderful thing to share- what a great thing to leave behind.

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