November 7, 2008

I have just been informed by my co-worker Alison, that my last post was rather ‘kiss assy’.

Oh dear. It is your unique perspective, Alison, that nourishes my very soul. I will take your words to heart and do my best to grow as a human being. Thank you – thank you for having the courage to tell me the truth that so many others were afraid to utter. Your blog criticism skill is surpassed only by your beauty and talent. Only surpassed by two things . . . that’s allowed.

I am truly lucky to know you. You are a treasure. A national treasure. God’s shining gift to mankind – as well as plantkind and animalkind, even robotkind.

I cherish you.


2 Responses to “Kiss-Assy”

  1. Jenn said

    now THAT’s kiss assy.

  2. Ben said

    Thanks for stopping short of quoting Jerry Maguire.

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