Inspired by Recent McCain Rally Footage:

October 19, 2008

To my American friends: I realize the majority of you don’t deserve this, and to you I am very sorry – for everything.

I really look forward to November – mostly because I am sick to death of hearing about this goddamn election. I’m pretty pissed about the record low voter turnout in Canada . It is most likely your fault. Thanks a lot, “gotcha media”! *winks*

Hawaii, I’m leaving you out of this.

UPDATE:  I am so sorry!  It has just been brought to my attention that the only areas that I should be pointing my arrows to should be what Palin calls “Real America”.  To all the fake Americans:  again, I’m sorry.


3 Responses to “Inspired by Recent McCain Rally Footage:”

  1. incredulous said

    If McCain wins, no apology to us, your southern (and western) neighbors, will be necessary. I’ll buy the T-shirt. Just make sure there’s a double-i on Hawaii. 😉

  2. barph said

    Well, he won’t win.

    Hmmmm . . . we re-elected Stephen Harper . . . perhaps I shouldn’t throw stones.

  3. Ben said

    Did you change the map? This one has a grade school textbook feel. The old one was more “digital graphics.”

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