What to show at Photorama?

October 14, 2008

Leanne Eisen, Untitled from the series Play, 2006, 20×25″ Archival Inkjet Print

Leanne Eisen, Untitled from the series Play, 2008, 20×25″ Archival Inkjet Print

This year I will be showing in Photorama at Gallery TPW!  Here’s the low-down:

22nd Annual Sale of Contemporary Photo-Based Art

November 28 to December 6, 2008

Opening Reception
Friday, November 28, 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Collector’s Preview
Thursday,November 27, 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm

The Collector’s Preview is exclusive to Gallery TPW members at the Collector Level or above and features a reception and advance sale on Thursday, November 27 at 6:00 p.m. Consult our web site or call the gallery to inquire about becoming a Collector Member

Sale continues until Saturday, December 6
Closed Sunday & Monday
Gallery hours are noon to 5:00

Last year’s exhibition included the work of:

Stephen Andrews, Dean Baldwin, Lise Beaudry, Nadia Belerique, Cecilia Berkovic, Jesse Boles, Diane Borsato, Kotama Bouabane, Jack Burman, Edward Burtynsky, Jamie Campbell, Jim Chambers, Kenneth Chou, Robyn Cumming, Chris Curreri, Stan Denniston, Jeremy Drummond, Johnnie Eisen, Simon Glass, Eric Glavin, Emily Gove, Malka Greene, Andrew Harwood, Shari Hatt, April Hickox, David Hlynsky, Vid Ingelevics, Luis Jacob, Patrick Jenkins, Gyula Kalko, Jean-Paul Kelly, Dave Kemp, Peter Kingstone, Katherine Knight, Suzy Lake, Nina Levitt, Elaine Ling, Sue Lloyd, Jennifer Long, Annie MacDonell, Rob MacInnis, Virginia Mak, Jennifer Marman & Daniel Borins, Hugh Martin, Davida Nemeroff, Lori Newdick, Daniel Olson, Lindsay Page, Steve Payne, Paulette Phillips, Vincenzo Pietropaolo, Liss Platt, Lisa Plekhanova, Mary Pocock, Geoffrey Pugen, Elise Rasmussen, Susana Reisman, Arthur Renwick, Dominique Rey, Mitch Robertson, Alison Rossiter, Jon Sasaki, Susan Schelle, Jen Sciarrino, Marcus Schubert, Talia Shipman, Robin Styba, Sharon Switzer, Ho Tam, Tek, Jeff Thomas, Lizzie Vickery, Johanna Warwick, Meichen Waxer, David White, Pamela Williams, Nikki Woolsey, and Balint Zsako.

As you can see, that is quite a list. Quite.
So the dillema is, what do I show? I mean, I thought I would have something new for November, but I’m not sure that will happen. I’d like to have a back-up plan.
What do you think of the two images above as a pair?  Are they stupid?  You can totally tell me if you think they’re stupid.  I promise I won’t get upset. They’re stupid right?  Am I going to totally embarrass myself?

Should I make some ambrotypes?


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