Bonne Nuit, Nuit Blanche!

October 8, 2008

Unfortunately I was feeling ill the night of Nuit Blanche, so I had to call it an early night.  Rather than staying up and gorging myself in arty goodness until the break of dawn, I did the grown up thing and tucked myself into bed at 2am.

I could stew in regret, sure, but I choose not to.  I could complain that some of what I saw didn’t quite live up to it’s photo in the Nuit Blanche guide (you know who you are, water fall man!) But instead I will do what I always do.  I will post photos, and I will feel good.

Post photos=Feel good.

Here’s some of what I did manage to see before I succumbed to migrainy exhaustion:

Yoko Ono did the whole wish tree thing.  Imagine Peace, 2001

Sniff, Lick, Pinch, Nibble, Swallow . . . . . ., 2008  By Noni Kaur

Sterioscope, 2008  by Project Blinkenlights, Tim Pritlove, Thomas Fieder.   What’s the score, you might ask?  Well, the answer is simple:   4:10.  What’s the Game might be the better question.  The answer is pong.  Giant Pong the size of Toronto City Hall.

Reserved, 2006  by Bani Abidi   – Projected onto Toronto Police Transportation Station

I Promise It Will Always Be This Way, 2008  Jon Sasaki I first became acquainted with his work at his exhibition at Gallery TPW last year. Had I been feeling better during Nuit Blanche, I would have returned to Lamport Stadium towards the end of the event to see how the mascots were holding up.

Waterfall, 2008   Katherine Harvey

Of course not everything I saw is represented here.  I got sick of seeing jerks with cameras everywhere I went. It was clear that the throngs weren’t taking the time to interact with the work,  instead concerning themselves with shutterbuggery and nothing else.  I decided at that point to put the camera away.

Based on the guide, I really wish I’d had the chance to see Alternator, 2008 by Rita McKeough, Commerce Court, 2008 by Noam Gonick, A Dream of Pastures by MItchell F. Chan and Brad Hindson, Conversation #2 by Tom Bendtsen,  I really wanted a chance to finally become a man in the Bar Mitzvah Machine (Charles Katz) but the wait was too long, so I decided to move on.

I did have one stand out highlight of the night but I think I’d like to save it for my next post.  Actually that’s sort of a hint:  Post.


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