Happy Car Free Day!

September 21, 2008

Join millions of people around the globe in celebration of WORLD CARFREE DAY
Sunday September 21, 2008


PARKING METER PARTIES – What can you do with a 6′x12′ parking space?
Queen St. West – from Bathurst St. to Trinity Bellwoods Park
All day – pay for a parking spot then breathe culture back into public space normally used for car storage. Bring a band and play music, have a picnic, play games, whatever you like. The space is yours for only $2/hour.

4pm – meet at Bloor and Spadina for a special critical mass style ride, then join up with parade.

PARADE – 4th annual parade down Queen St.
4pm – meet at south gates of Trinity Bellwoods Park
5pm – Parade east to Old City HallBring horns and bells and drums. Bring your friends. Bring your mums. Bring bikes and trikes and things that are silly. Bring costumes and banners and wings that are frilly. Bring sense of humour, and sense of fun. We’ll party like our team just won. (ok-that’s enough. You get the idea.)

Don’t miss the surprise when three parties meet!

via Streets are for People


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